by gragbalbrady

I note with much chagrin that those cold-pressed hacks over at the Guardian are kicking up yet another fuss about our Tony. The outrage this time? One of his daughters, Frances, received a scholarship to attend a fashion school that has an Abbott donor sitting as Chairman on the board of Governors.

To that I say, boo bloody hoo. What do the general public care if our Tony’s well-fit offspring did or didn’t pay her own way through her tertiary schooling? In fact, I see this as being no more than a gentlemanly courtesy that harkens back to the very fabric of our social being: in one corner we have a young woman, so graciously and progressively allowed to further her education by a doting father; and in the other corner, we have the father’s good friend, who so kindly offers to pay for the young woman’s schooling as a token of his generosity. Is this no different to a man paying for a gal’s dinner on the first date?

Ripe and ready for business.

Ripe and ready for business.

But instead of a wry smile and a tip of the hat to old fashioned values, we see confected outrage from the left-anistas at the Guardian, cheered on by their legions of brain-dead supporters in that most foulest of forums – the online comment section.

I am surprised that these zombified zealots can even muster the mental capacity to raise their fat, Twistie-stained fingers to the keyboards, so incompetent must they be. To that undead legion I say: stick to tweeting @Qanda and masturbating over photos of Naomi Klein, and leave our Frances alone.